Aug 3, 2016

Bobcat Nation Braided Blunts!?

A gift beyond measure.

While partying out at Texas State for the weekend, I found a frat bro who has been gifted with the power to braid blunts…LITERALLY! We’ve all seen the cross joint and the tulip, etc, but never have I seen a blunt that was actually weaved and crafted by man. I was astonished and excited to say the least, I personally have a fetish for loose leaf garcia y vegas (aka blunt w/ tobacco lining) so I know the passion and commitment he must have.

The man behind to magic is Keyshawn Younus, a undergrad at TXST that’s planning to major in CIS, but says he “would rather be smoking and out on the lake fishing instead of in school… Fuhk College!” Hopefully one day he might just show us how the whole process is done.

Donte Mosby
Donte is a producer, rapper and visionary artist.

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