Jun 16, 2017

The Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz of the Future

Meet the F 015 Luxury in Motion Car

Welcome the Future!

As it turns out, Mercedes is working on an awesome project to come out in the near future. As you may assume, it is a vehicle of course, but not just any vehicle.

The interior of the F 015 Luxury in Motion Car

Key Highlights

* Both manual and autonomous driving systems

* Smart Body Structure that combines carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum and high-strength steels

* Front and rear LED modules that communicate with the outside world

* Variable seating system with four rotating lounge chairs

* Open-pore walnut wood floor

* White nappa leather seats

* Six display screens that form a 360° virtual arena

* Saloon-style doors that open a full 90°

* A PRE-SAFE® Body Structure that inflates on impact, absorbing the energy of a collision

* Electric drive system capabilities

Start saving your money now kids! :)

- Kees

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