Jun 16, 2017

How to Rollup

5 simple steps on how to roll the perfect Loose Leaf.

Fuhk College and @TheUpBoys are proud to bring you the official guide for rolling the perfect loose leaf blunt. If you follow the steps posted below you will have yourself a fine smoke once you’re done. Enjoy!

1. Take a fresh “Garcia Vega” cigar and split with a cigar cutter.

2. Empty the cancerous tobacco contents.

3. Slowly tear the tobacco layer off from the inside of the blunt.

4. Make sure all leaves are together before placing your bud.

Note: I prefer to break down mine by hand rather than using a grinder.

5. Roll the cigar tight and be cautious! The thin outer leaves are the only thing that can make this a challenge, but once complete, you will cherish the results. I guarantee it.

Now it’s time to blaze!

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