Aug 3, 2016

12 Thoughts You Have When Spending Money at College

Do these apply to you?

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you stop spending money; if anything the complete opposite happens. The cost of textbooks, clothes, groceries, and other college expenses can add up quickly so college students are constantly looking for ways to make fast and easy money. Whether it’s getting a job on campus or participating in surveys online for a quick payout, no sane college student would turn down a chance to make a little extra cash. However when it comes to spending that hard earned money, there are many thoughts that run through a college student’s mind as they swipe their debit card in the checkout line

12. “This is why I’m poor.”

11. “I’ll use this all the time.”

10. “Isn’t this what I pay tuition for?”

9. “If it’s on sale then it’s like saving money.”

8. “How many hours of work is that?”

7. “I’m done spending money for a while.”

6. “I was supposed to be saving money…”

5. “… But food doesn’t count…”

4. “… And neither do clothes.”

3. “Oh well.”

2. “It’s not too bad.”

1. “I just won’t look at my bank account for a little while.”

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